CISE - Serra da Estrela Interpretation Center

CISE is located 7.9 km from the mountain village of Lapa dos Dinheiros.

The CISE is a structure created by Seia Municipality, which aims to promote the knowledge and dissemination of natural and cultural heritage of Serra da Estrela, nature tourism and environmental education. In this space you can make a virtual visit to Serra da Estrela, explore the documentation centre and the nature laboratories.

This Center also has a permanent exhibition dedicated to the geodiversity, biodiversity, landscapes, traditions and history of the Serra da Estrela, with emphasis on the representation of the three-dimensional model of the Serra da Estrela region.

The ex-libris of this Interpretation Center is the Green Park - Parque Verde in Portuguese, where it is located, with about two hectares, here are preserved about 100 species of trees and shrubs representative of the various habitats of Serra da Estrela, as well as other species from other regions such as Asia and North America. In the green space there is also an aromatic garden, an ecological vegetable garden and a picnic park with an excellent panoramic view of the Mondego region.

Besides these spaces, it also develops several ludic-pedagogical activities, as well as exploration and environmental animation exercises to explore the Serra da Estrela area.

CISE, Rua Visconde de Molelos, 6270-423, Seia

Tuesday to Sunday from 10h00 am to 18h00 pm

Closed January 1st, Easter Sunday, May 1st, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

40.418611, -7.710556


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