Cowork Co-operative @Aldeias de Montanha (Mountain Villages) - Videmonte

Few places are as high up as Videmonte, in Guarda. That's where the Cabeça Alta geodesic marker is, at an altitude of 1278 metres. It is also the place where the network of spaces of the Cowork Cooperative of the Mountain Villages created a space with surprising design solutions that create a modern atmosphere, in a rural environment where traditions set the tone.

This space integrates a workroom for 4 people or more, kitchen and dining area, lounge for relaxing, changing rooms and accommodation on the upper floor. This accommodation will be available in very specific contexts and through exchange of services for the benefit of the village, as it is not intended to compete with the local hotel industry.

The spaces are open, in a trial phase, so their access will be free at this stage. To book you just need to go to the Cooperativa Cowork website and choose the cowork space where you want to work and the respective dates

Largo da Igreja 6300-245

24 h open

40.515172, -7.39338

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