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How many shades of green is it possible to find in a single and unique landscape? Verdelhos, planted in a valley between two hills by the Bejames River, defies the imagination. In addition to the vast palette of colours of the woods and forests that surround the village (the name of the land will have derived from those shades of green), there are walking routes to discover (such as the paths of Abitureira, Aguilhão, Cabeça do Pato and Sarnadas), a river beach and a dam to refresh in, and natural and architectural heritage to visit in Verdelhos.

To this town northeast of Covilhã, the locals jokingly call New York. And Verdelhos may not have the cosmopolitanism of the most populous city in the United States of America, but it has a history as old or even older, with origins in Roman times (there are archaeological remains of a Luso-Roman fort) and views with much more than skyscrapers to take in. The Aguilhão (a large rock formation that rises from the bed of the Bejames River) stands out, as well as the Chapel of São Romão, built at the gates of the village to serve as a barrier to wild dogs, at a time when a plague was ravaging the land.

Today, along with the metalwork and carpentry, the people of the land continue to dedicate themselves mainly to traditional tasks: agriculture (corn, potatoes, and beans) and livestock (cattle and goats) - after all, those who are born in the mountains never lose their connection to nature.

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