Mangualde da Serra


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Mangualde da Serra

With a fountain of life, blessed by Senhora do Monte (Our Lady of the Mount) and guarded by the Cabeça do Velho, a granite rock that resembles the head of an old man: this is how Mangualde da Serra shows itself. It is said that its name may derive from the traditional agricultural tool mangual (flail), umbilically linking the land to its cultivation practices. Planted on the northern slope of Serra da Estrela, this village of the municipality of Gouveia has in the works of nature (and the divine?) around it its greatest wealth.

Neighbouring the dam and the river beach of Vale do Rossim, Mangualde da Serra has in its domain the Mondeguinho river (source of the largest entirely Portuguese river) and offers a privileged view to the famous Cabeça do Velho (at 1500 meters altitude). Even so, the greatest devotion of the locals goes to Senhora de Monte, with an annual pilgrimage site, with a chapel and a picnic park, celebrating the legend of the apparitions of the saint.

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