Figueiró da Serra


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Figueiró da Serra

Prepare the notepad for an improbable History class: a walk through the ancestral streets of Figueiró da Serra is a pretext to talk about the prehistoric and Roman period. The subject can also be art, with highlight to the Santa Eufémia Chapel panels, whose authorship is attributed to Nuno Gonçalves, a well-known painter of the 15th century, or religion, since the Order of Malta was once based there. Even the Second World War marked the story of this land, since it seems the old Azibrais mines supplied Hitler’s army with wolfram for the manufacture of weapons.

Past waters no longer move the mills that, for decades, have ornamented the village landscape, but they still have a lot to tell. Feel free to talk to the people - today dedicated to agriculture, cattle breeding, and civil construction - and incentivize them to share their memories, or simply go on a walk and contemplate the church, the two chapels, the fountains, the ruins and all there is to uncover... and you will leave with the notebook filled out.

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